Statistics Foreign Gray Coach In Persib Bandung

Statistics Foreign Gray Coach In Persib Bandung

Since the 2000 era Persib Bandung has a poor record when dibesut by foreign coaches In total there are seven foreign coaches who have run Maung Bandung but unfortunately none of them give a smile.

They have a new tradition of champion when handled by two local coaches: Indra Thohir and Djadjang Nurdjaman who managed to deliver Persib won the title. Finally, Persib seize ISL champion in 2014 and thanks to a touch of Djanur.

Roberto Carlos Mario Gomez’s choice is certainly a separate gambling for the club from this Bandung. Bad records of seven foreign coaches this must haunt the existence of this Argentine man.

Despite having a fine track record of handling Malaysian clubs, bringing Johor Darul Takzim to the Malaysian League champions and the AFC Cup, but that’s not a guarantee. When you see again this series of bad results achieved by foreign coach who handles Persib.

Quoted from various sources, there are at least 7 foreign coaches who had handled Persib from the 2000s but they all failed to give the title to the Blue Prince. Who are they? How is it going?

Maybe from seven import coaches who have menukangi this club pride Bobotoh, only one is quite successful. But when that Persib only finish in sixth place when trained Juan Paez in the 2004 season.

From Sledzianowski to Dejan Antonic

The first gray note is inscribed by Marek Andreiz Sledzianowski. As the first foreign coach, Marek almost made Maung Bandung degraded. At that time, the 2003 season, Marek’s existence makes Persib must follow the playoff degradation.

Continuing in 2006 at that time, Maung Bandung was trained by Arcan Iurie. Actually Persib expect a lot with this trainer’s coach. But in the hands of the coach from Moldova, Persib performance can be spelled out very bad.

Maung Bandung is on the board and threatened degradation. Luckily at that time, PT Liga did not make degradation policy related to earthquake disaster in Jogja.

Even so Arcan Iurie is still maintained but in the following year he again failed. In his hand Maung Bandung failed to qualify for the big 8.

More severe fate befall the foreign coach from Serbia, Daniel Darko. Appointed to replace Jaya Hartono in 2010, he was fired before the Indonesia Super League. Allegedly bad results in six test matches become the reason Daniel Darko failed to feel the nuances of official competition with Persib.

The job as a coach was handed over to his assistant, Jovo Cuckovic who was shortly occupying the coach’s seat because he had to step down and was replaced by Jaya Hartono.

But it does not make Persib kapok contract foreign coach next year. The figure of the next coach is Drago Mamic who was appointed for the 2011-2012 ISL title. Unfortunately, cold hands only make him survive in Persib until the first round, before finally choosing back.

The last name is Dejan Antonic. Again the problem of results and expectations, this Serbian coach must be willing to be evicted from the hot seat as coach Persib Bandung in the first half of the season in Persib. He was considered failed to boost Persib in the competition ISC A 2016 and then replaced again by Djadjang Nurdjaman.
The Captain is Optimistic

Yet the failure of previous foreign coaches certainly does not have to be something to be followed. Moreover Gomez has been accustomed to handle many star players in JDT. With the same perception in Persib where the club was dubbed the Club Galacticos Indonesia felt not a difficult situation. Optimistic tone was also ejected from team captain Atep Rizal. Although recognized Atep Liga Malaysia certainly different from Indonesia.

“Indeed Persib has not been successful in the hands of foreign coaches, but the average top teams in league one trained by foreign coaches. This is what makes us believe that new coach Mario Gomes will provide success for Persib, “said Atep.

“In quality we know Mario Gomes very well, hopefully joining him to Persib can bring great influence especially Persib achievement can be lifted again,” he added

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